What ist the aim of *stars of tomorrow?

*stars of tomorrow wants to take up the sense of community and the open mindedness of the Football World Cup and use them for more than only sports. Until the World Cup 2010 in South Africa, at least 2010 children shall be given new vital energy. It is the aim of this project to give long-term perspectives, support help for self-help and thus bringing forward the individual as well as the social development in South Africa.

Who is *stars of tomorrow?

*stars of tomorrow is a registered society which pursues solely and directly non-profit and charitable goals. This body works closely together with development organisations and local initiatives on site in order to guarantee effective help which is orientated on the needs of people. In addition, the society cooperates with several media partners. They are responsible for raising publicity for the project which will it make easier to attract sponsors for the project.

Initiator of the project is Kai Hill, director of the agency for marketing, starcompany, in Berlin. The initiative *stars of tomorrow is not about profit but only about social responsibility – to give 2010 South African children a future.

Why does the focus of *stars of tomorrow lie in South Africa?

South Africa has the world‘s largest number of HIV-infected people. The virus affects a disproportionate number of people in the age group of 24-35, who not only represent the greatest economic force in the country but who are also the foundation for family continuity. They count no less than 5.2 million people which equals 21 percent of South Africa‘s adult population. When they become ill or die, their families often struggle considerably. Due to the death of often both parents there is an increasing number of orphans, currently around 2.3 million or 12 percent of the children living in South Africa.

Even extended families are no longer able to take care of and educate all the orphans. This leads to impoverishment of families, a weakening of solidarity and a breakdown of social structures. The transfer of knowledge from parents to children is interrupted, the children have hardly any opportunities for education, and their future is uncertain.

*stars of tomorrow will use the huge attention which South Africa can expect as the next location for the Football World Cup 2010 to gain a lot of able partners and improving the perspectives of South African children.

How does *stars of tomorrow work?

In order for the project to fit in as closely with real-life conditions as possible, we are working from the inside out. That means we are not imposing our assistance from outside, but are identifying the real and most pressing problems affecting children in South Africa.

To make the campaign as relevant as possible, we will establish and utilise local partners in South Africa. The objective is to use the donations as effectively as possible and to prevent losses that might reduce the impact of the project in either quality or quantity. Thus, the participation of organisations, institutions, individuals and companies in South Africa is actively encouraged. For the preparation of projects, a databank was created with  articles, case studies and best practice cases. On this basis *stars of tomorrow will develop new projects together with CARE International Germany or decide whether existing projects should be extended.

Our help shall be directly measured to the needs of the children, whether they live in cities or in rural areas, in the heart of South Africa or in boarder areas. Thus it is possible to ensure the realization of help  - even after the World Cup 2010.

Who supports *stars of tomorrow?

For an effective and need orientated help, the registered society Stars of Tomorrow works together closely with CARE International Germany and thus also with local organizations in South Africa. Above that, *stars of tomorrow co-operates with different media partners such as MTV and AOL. By that way, the society will spread informations on the projects on site, make the initiative more known and gain donators for South Africa.

Mrs. Prof. Dr. Rita Süssmuth, former politician in the German government and an active member in different relief organizations, assumes the patronage for *stars of tomorrow. As honorary chairwoman of the German AIDS-foundation, Mrs. Süssmuth has accompanied the prevention and education on AIDS since 2005. Above that, she has supported the foreign aid for many years as patroness and chairwoman for CARE International Germany, not only in Africa.

How can I support *stars of tomorrow?

Funding will be provided through donations. The spotlight will be on attracting medium to large-sized companies with an international focus, whose publicity campaigns include sponsoring community welfare projects in order to enhance their corporate culture in the eyes of both their employees and the public at large. We initiated a hotline for donations, which you can call at any time to donate whatever you are willing to. We thank you for your support! Further information are available at JOIN IN – DONATIONS or at JOIN IN – BECOME A PARTNER if you want to support our project with your enterprise. Please get in contact with us!

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