WELCOME - A word of welcome from our patron

The 2006 Football World Cup has been a heart-warming experience for the people of our country. It has given us an opportunity to show Germany's hospitality and openness to the world.
But the games always go on, and in 2010 they will be held in South Africa. There, too, the people will hold the World Cup with tremendous enthusiasm. But in that country, not every child can look forward to a promising future, or even one without a great deal of problems.

The "stars of tomorrow" initiative is seeking to motivate businesses and private individuals in Germany to pass on some of the pleasure we have had during the World Cup and to generate long-term future opportunities for 2010 children in South Africa. These children are orphans, or their parents are HIV positive and they live on the streets. They have no prospects for a decent living, education or success. We should therefore apply the idea of "team spirit" not only to the games but also to worldwide responsibility for each other, and especially for our children.

I hope that the "stars of tomorrow" initiative will receive much support and will attain its objective of providing children in South Africa with a long-term and sustainable basis for courage and future opportunities.

Professor Rita Süssmuth
Former President of the German Parliament
Patron of stars of tomorrow

The political career of Mrs. Prof. Dr. Rita Süssmuth started in 1971 as consultant at the Federal Ministry of Family affairs, youth and health. In 1985 she was appointed Federal Minister for that department by the former chancellor Helmut Kohl. From 1988 to 1998 Mrs. Rita Süssmuth has been President of the German Bundestag. Above that she was an active member in different social and political commissions.

As honorary chairwoman of the German AIDS-Foundation, Mrs. Süssmuth has accompanied the prevention and education on AIDS since 2005. Besides, she has supported the foreign aid for many years as patroness and chairwoman of CARE International in Germany, not only for Africa. Throughout her remarkable public career Mrs. Süssmuth has shown an engagement for the respect and integration of socially disadvantaged persons, may it be as an expert for education and youth, as Federal Minister or as chairwoman in social associations and organizations.

For us, it is a great pleasure and honour that Mrs. Prof. Dr. Rita Süssmuth is willing to take on the patronage for our project *stars of tomorrow.

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