To make the campaign as relevant as possible, we will establish and utilise local partners in South Africa. The objective is to use donations as effectively as possible. Thus, the participation of organisations, institutions, individuals and companies in the Republic of South Africa is actively encouraged.

To reach maximum effectiveness in this area, there will be a direct cooperation with CARE International, an internationally recognized developmental agency and Save the Children who has a long-standing tradition of fighting for children's rights. Furthermore, the knowledge and experience of grassroot organisations on site will be used. We want to learn from their vast experience.

For the preparation of projects, a databank was created with articles, case studies and best practice cases. On this basis *stars of tomorrow will develop new projects together with CARE International Germany and Save the Children Germany or decide whether existing projects should be extended.

The initiative *stars of tomorrow supports the principles and strategies of the ”Framework for the  Protection, Care and Support of Orphans and Vulnerable Children Living in a World with HIV/AIDS” 2004.


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